vergia beach

blue flag beach 2024, vergia beach awarded!!!

On the coastal road after New Kallikratia and just 6 km we find the Byzantine settlement of Beria, the famous “Tuba” and the ruins of the ancient village and castle, which was the seat of the bishop “Cassandra and moss.” The lovely beach of rods, with crystal clear waters. There are many cafe bars and club where you can have fun..


Blue flag beach. a title given to beaches in Europe that are clean and safe: The calm waters make this an ideal spot for families and the beach has been awarded a blue flag for cleanliness. BEACH HAS SHALLOW WATERS IDEAL FOR KIDS.

lifequard on the beach

Lifeguards ensure swimmer safety in a variety of settings ranging from water parks and beaches to public and private pools. In this role, lifeguards enforce safety rules, monitor the water for danger, and rescue swimmers. Lifeguards may also determine when bodies of water need to be closed to swimmers. They also conduct CPR on swimmers who have inhaled water and maintain records of incidents that occur at the pool or beach.

vergia beach

disable access on the beach!

a huge parking space to the beach. Beach is also disabled access friendly.


Characteristic of the beach of Vergia is an earthen hill on its south side. In the present settlement of Veria, the Early Christian and Byzantine city of Vrya (Veria) has been found with several archeological findings, under the jurisdiction of the 10th Tax Office of Byzantine Antiquities. Part of the area has been designated an archaeological site. Today it is a municipal district of the Municipality of Kallikratia. The summer months are full of young people who fill its pubs and cafes for music, coffee and the sea