best things to do in halkidiki
best things to do in halkidiki

Best things to do in halkidiki

Best things to do in halkidiki

This stunning area further splits into three alluring peninsulas to its south, forming a divine tourist hotspot that will leave you with indelible memories of your time there

Halkidiki is overflowing with vacation-worthy activities – it’s no wonder thousands of visitors visit this stunning peninsula every year! From discovering hidden beaches and swimming in the crystal clear, emerald waters of the Aegean Sea to exploring cities, visiting traditional villages, and taking part in outdoor adventures surrounded by lush forests, you won’t find yourself running out of things to do here. Not forgetting its beautiful Mediterranean climate too; if you’re looking for a place where summer holidays are perfection personified – then look no further than Halkidiki!

1.Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Kassandra and Sithoni.

Kassandra. As we start going deeper to halkidiki we stop at Vergia beach  is fully-organised and perfect for families, while traditional little tavernas in the area serve delicious meze and Greek cuisine. Continuing further along you’ll encounter Nea Plagia, and Flogita with some luxury beach bars, Dionysiou Beach and Agios Mamas. Some are a little more and some a little less lively, but all are fully-organised, offering dozens of options for sea sports enthusiasts, as well as options for those looking for more privacy and tranquillity in the little bays with the crystal clear waters hidden between them. 
Goind deeper to Kassandra Impressive and very long beaches with turquoise waters, fully-organised with beach bars and water sports. From Sani the famous resort, Afytos the traditional village, Fourka, Possidi with the famous capePaliouri wild beauty beaches, Kallithea with night life, to Pefkohori a very touristic area, Polychrono, Hanioti well organized village, and Kriopigi…and thermal baths of Agia paraskeyi. Kassandra will enchant you. Endless hours at the beach, family-friendly facilities as well as a cosmopolitan atmosphere, surrounded by lush, green nature that highlights the turquoise waters. Explorers big and small can also discover quieter beaches, such as Mola KalivaNea SkioniGlarokavos.

Sithonia.In exotic Sithonia The coves at Kavourotripes or orange beach, and amazing Karidi, with their emerald waters and powdery white sand, will steal your heart. As will famous Kalogria, the pine-studded bay of Koviou Beach, Paradisos Beach, and fully-organised Nikiti that spans kilometres. Sarti is a magnet for surfers, or perhaps you’ll prefer the beautiful beaches of Porto CarrasSpathiesKalamitsi,  Agios Ioannis and of course tigania beach. You’ll swim under the archaeological site of Toroni, and in Porto Koufo, under the ancient port of Toroneos, where you’ll be thrilled by the scenery: the two protective arms of the cliffs embrace the port, leaving an opening of about 300 metres.
In Sithonia, the large camping sites with their spectacular beaches – Armenistis, Koutloumousiou Beach, Kalamitsi – are all institutions. As are the beach bars where you’ll experience some of the best moments of your holidays, drinking shots and cocktails, dancing barefoot in the sand until nightfall. Sithonia is also an ideal family holiday destination, offering thousands of options for accommodations, food and fun – it’s a child’s paradise all day long. Hidden between the more popular beaches, there are gems like Aretes, Mikri Elia, Azapiko, Abelos, Diaporti with the islet of Pounta – that will become your treasured little secrets.

2.Visit Afytos

Step into the delightful town of Afytos, perched along the east coast of Kassandra Peninsula. Surrounded by its stunning historic atmosphere, you will soon find yourself in awe of its main square – an utterly captivating sight that’s not to be missed!

3. Byzantine Tower of Nea Fokea

Byzantine Tower holds a dominant position on the hill at the right side of N. Fokea’s port.



It is made of stone, is 28 meters high and it’s the only one to have survived up to its crenellations.It is speculated that it was built in 1407 on a prehistoric site to protect the monastic metochion of St. Paul’s Monastery. In 1821 it was set on fire, but its roof was reconstructed in 1976.



Around the tower, there are ruins of the east and south wing of the metochion, as well as a small temple from 1868. This tower hosted in 1821 the headquarters of Emmanouil Papas, the leader of the Greek War of Independency in Halkidiki.

4. Take a cruise to Mount Athos

To experience the majestic monasteries of Mount Athos, a cruise is your ticket! Departing from Ormos Panagias (Sithonia), you can enjoy an up-close view of each colossal monastery. Later in the day, disembark at Ouranopolis to witness its picturesque streets lined with old houses flanked by a white tower. Indulge in awe-inspiring sights while discovering this enchanting place on board your ship – that’s perfection!

5.Diving at halkidikis crystal clear waters

The three ”legs” that make up Halkidiki Peninsula in Greece – Kassandra, the mythical, our basis; Sithonia, the unexplored; and Athos, the Holy – create a very special diving location in the north-eastern Mediterranean Sea, offering unforgettable dives.

Dive greece center at halkidiki


6. Enjoy the wonderful coastline of Vourvourou

Located on the east coast of Sithonia, Vourvourou is a popular tourist destination with something for everyone. It’s well known for its spectacular coastline – boasting an abundance of pristine beaches featuring powdery golden sand and dazzling turquoise waters!

7.Cave of Petralona

The Petralona Cave (GreekΣπήλαιο Πετραλώνων) also Cave of the Red Stones (GreekΣπήλαιο ” Κόκκινες Πέτρες “), a karst formation, is located at 300 m (984 ft) above sea-level on the western foot of Mount Katsika, about 1 km (0.62 mi) east of the village of Petralona, about 35 km (22 mi) south-east of Thessaloniki city on the Chalkidiki peninsula, Greece. The site came to public attention when in 1960 a fossilized archaic human skull was found. The cave had been discovered accidentally only a year earlier (1959) after erosion had left clefts in the rock. “Bejeweled” with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations and holding an abundance of fossils, the cave soon attracted geologists and paleontologists. After decades of excavations the cave is open to the public and scientific work is documented and presented in an adjacent archaeological museum.

8.Explore the beaches of Cape Posidi

Cape Possidi is an exceptional part of the Kassandra Peninsula coastline, located in the central region. It beckons visitors with its irresistible charm and mysterious magnetism, as a half-kilometer stretch of sand invites you to take a stroll. On serene days, marvel at spectacularly turquoise waters that reveal vivid glimpses into their sandy depths beneath the surface. A visit here will be sure to leave you feeling mesmerized by this dreamy paradise.

9.Boat cruises from Pefkohori,hanioti and vourvourou

Spend a day in true Greek style: sailing on a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea. Limited to just a small group, this boat tour ensures you’ll receive lots of personalized attention. Sail from Kassandra to the West Sithonia Islands and explore some secret caves and coves in Porto Carras.

10.Visit Thessaloniki

Visit the most romantic city of balkans with thousands of restaurantas,shops and a lot of museums.