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local owners,

we are local owners from halkidiki who wants to rent our properties directly to the quests.

the payments goes directly to the owners !! Talk directly with us and get true answers.


My name is Pantelis Amprikidis and i am working as a hospitality sales manager( studies as software developer and e-commerce -hospitality sales marketing). You are welcome to Seaside Villas and apartments. All houses,apartment and Villas belong to relatives and friends.All listings are rentals and used for this purpose only. They are designed to provide comfort and luxury. We started at 2014 and all this  years we had the best memories from our quests. I hope you like and enjoy our listings.
Our services dilevered by my family and our stuff with love .All of us are passionated with hospitality.
We started some years ago, and we continue by adding new properties every year.